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Our vision: At our school, we believe that a child who feels happy and looked after will achieve and be successful within their education. Due to this understanding we aim to promote positive mental health and well-being for both students, families and staff. We are constantly evolving and adapting our support by listening to the needs of all our stakeholders for the betterment of the Ormiston community.

In January we emailed well-being questionnaires to students, parents and staff to ascertain our strengths and highlight our weaknesses. We have used this feedback to begin changing elements of well-being within the school. Our current projects include:

  • Promoting student well-being through the Well-being Warriors, well-being Clubs in the Well-being Space and for mentor sessions to focus on a well-being and safeguarding topic each week.
  • Developing communication links with parents and carers through our Parent Well-being Ambassadors, the Well-being page on the school website and an Instagram account @ora_pce
  • Recognising staff well-being concerns, implementing suggestions made and ensuring new policies consider well-being and professional needs.

If you feel that your child is in need of well-being support then please contact your child’s Achievement Director via their email. If you are unsure of this then please ask at reception. We can also offer:

  • One to one support through your mentor and Achievement Director
  • Drop in access to the Student Support Team in DO6 at break and lunch
  • Drop in to the School Nurse Tuesday lunch times in the Teaching & Learning Room
  • Open Door Policy to Mental Health First Aiders – Ms Goodfellow, Mrs Byford, Mrs Sexton and Ms Marable
  • One to one support through Sixth Form Well-being Champions
  • Use of the Well-being Space and Quiet Quad at break and lunch
  • Mindfulness Club Tuesday after school in the Well-being Space
  • Well-being Learning Sessions once per week delivered in mentor time
  • Enrichment opportunities such as Duke of Edinburgh, Social Action, Sports, Chess and Journalism – see Ms Price for details

How do I contact the Academy?
If you have any concerns about the well-being of your child or would like to share your ideas on how to improve well-being and mental health across the school, please use the MyEd app or email info@ormistonriversacademy.co.uk with ‘Well-being’ as the subject line. If it is regarding a particular child then please put the year group in the subject line.

Making Well-being a Priority

In January 2019 we asked for your feedback relating to the well-being provision at the academy. Please watch this video to see what we are doing with your feedback.

Miss Marable won an award for Social Action from Ormiston Academies Trust for £1,000. She chose to spend the award on a new well-being space.

The Well-being Newsletter for Spring 2019
Click on this link to read a newsletter written by sixth form student, Abigail, to see what Ormiston Rivers Academy has been doing after receiving student, staff, and parental feedback.

Pride & the iWill Project

“Pride” is the academy’s anti bullying club, and to raise awareness of who they are and the values they promote they have produced this short video.

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