Meet the staff

Senior Leadership Team:

Ms J Costello, Executive Principal
Mr P Healy, Head of School
Mrs J Bennett, Vice-Principal

Miss S Carroll, Assistant Principal
Mr R Finch, Assistant Principal
Mrs J Ingate, Assistant Principal
Mr G Patton, Assistant Principal
Mr J Player, Assistant Principal
Mr T Thorpe, Assistant Principal

Other Responsibilities:

Mr R Costello, SENCo
Ms Y Gosling, Assistant SENCo
Ms K Goodfellow, Assistant Principal & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss M Marable, Director of Well-being

Achievement Directors:

Miss L Spencer, Year 7
Mr J Kirby, Year 8
Mrs V Wells, Year 9
Mr P Wiggs, Year 10
Miss D Sametz, Year 11
Mr W Frost & Miss M Davies , Joint Heads of Sixth Form


Mr T Freelander, Subject Leader / HoD
Mr G O’Toole, 2nd in Subject
Mrs V Wells
Mrs R Ball
Mrs C Conway
Miss S Price
Miss R Harper


Mrs K Coulson, Subject Leader / HoD
Mr P Healy
Mr P Wiggs
Ms A Poll
Mr R Swinnerton
Mr C Darcy
Miss S Steiger


Mr G Patton, Subject Leader / HoD
Mr W Frost, 2nd in Subject
Ms M Neary
Mrs C Anderson
Mr R Costello
Mr T Rigler
Mrs C Hoare
Miss D Sametz
Miss L Spencer
Mrs T Sexton, HLTA


Miss R Nickson, Subject Leader / HoD


Mr J Player
Miss S Hayward


Mr C Spratt, Head of Geography
Miss E Hayward


Miss M Marable Subject Leader (R.E / PSHE)
Miss J Blatch


Mrs K Congdon


Miss R Nickson
Mr W Knight

Health & Social Care / CACHE

Mrs S Cooke


Mrs F Compton, Subject Leader / HoD
Mrs J Bennett (Spanish)

P.E. & Sport

Mr M Clay, Subject Leader / HoD
Mr C Becker
Miss D Sametz
Mr C Darcy

Art, Design & Technology

Mr K Rumary, Subject Leader (Engineering) / HoD
Mrs C Woodhouse
Miss C Paul
Mr J Kirby

I.C.T. & Media / Business Studies

Ms E Mullender, Subject Leader / HoD
Miss A Dinan, Economics and Business Studies
Mr W Frost, Computer Science

Performing Arts

Miss S Carroll, Subject Leader / HoD
Miss M Davies, Performing Arts
Ms K Goodfellow, Performing Arts & Music Technology
Mrs L Turnnidge, Performing Arts & Music
Miss C Thurtle, Performing Arts & Music

Support Staff:

Mrs J Damps, Administration/HR Manager & Principal’s P.A
Mrs A Mahoney, Finance & Business Director
Mrs J Edwards, Admissions Officer & PA

Student Support Team

Mrs D Byford, Student Support Advisor
Mrs T Sexton, Student Support Advisor
Mrs C Head, Sixth Form Support & Administration