The Academy introduced cashless catering in April 2015. Students can “pay” for items from Rivers Cafe and satellite cafe by, either using biometric registration or a pin number, this is linked to parent pay, the system used to top up the student’s account with funds.


Biometric registration is our preferred method of student identification. We must receive a signed consent form to enable us to scan a students thumbprint and create an algorithm which identifies the student when placing their thumb at a payment terminal. This is totally secure, the thumbprint itself is not stored, just the algorithm created from it. In the event that we have not received consent to do this, a pin will be issued. Students must remember this pin and use it each time they want to make a purchase. Students should keep their pin safe and not share it with anyone.


Parentpay is the system used to “top up” a student’s account with funds. To do this you need an activation code (please contact if you have not yet activated your account). You can then go to to add funds. The minimum amount to add is £5.00; when a student leaves the Academy the balance can be transferred to another sibling at the Academy or refunded. This must be requested by e-mail to The minimum amount for refund is £5.00. If you would prefer, you can request a Paypoint card which you can take to local stores and add funds; just like you would do with a mobile phone.

PLEASE NOTE: The Academy no longer accepts cash to top up student accounts

Please see below the menus for September 2017

Menu – September 2017