Welcome to our Sixth Form 2021 New Applicants Hub

Welcome to our Sixth Form 2021 cohort hub. We have a brand new curriculum offer and new subject combination pathways this year, you can look at all the subjects here. There are many combinations of courses! It's not too late to apply, those already applied will receive conditional offer letters shortly.

A welcome from our Principal

A welcome from our Co-Head of Sixth Form

Quick expert insight into our subjects...

Art, Graphics, Textiles, 3D or Photography



Digital Media

Drama & Theatre

English Literature

Food Science and Nutrition




Performing Arts



Core Maths

Further Maths

Staff Badges: Ask me about...

Our Sixth Form teaching staff are all wearing huge (!!) badges that will tell you what subjects they teach at Sixth Form. Feel free to ask them in lesson all about their KS5 subjects. But if you don't bump into them, or are an external candidate, why not email them any questions below...

Ask the Expert!

No question is too big or small for our subject experts, drop them an email below with any questions you may have...

A welcome from our Sixth Form Leadership Team

Bursary details for supporting those in need.

Download a copy of our new prospectus here!

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If you are currently studying in Year 11 you will be delivered a printed copy in your Mentor along with an application form. If you are an external candidate you can order a copy of the prospectus by emailing us

If you cant wait for the form apply to our Sixth Form by downloading it here

Enrichment & Clubs