Revision Hub: Climb the mountain to success with us

No matter what year you are in you will find yourself being tested, quizzes and assessed a lot! Indeed, it is one of the central pillars of education research that lots of little tests and practice helps you to remember.


Our assessments may take many forms and they are designed around one simple thing: remembering! If you can recall knowledge and use it in the right context, then you’ve learnt it. Simple! Have a google of ‘Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting’ to learn about recall and memory and why it’s so important not to leave revision until the end of Year 11. It just won’t work! 

Revise at home! 

Make sure your teachers give you revision materials. Make sure you know the best books and study guides to get, ask them! These often come with self-test quiz books, these are also very useful so buy the pair. Many guides are stocked in our Academy shop. Get them now and start using them! If you are a low income family speak to (or email) Mrs Ingate who may be able to help support you financially. Ask your teachers for lots of past papers and mark-schemes so you can test yourself! Why not try some GCSE papers with a member of your family and see how you both get on! In Year 7 and 8 try a Maths Foundation GCSE paper with a family member to see if you can get a Pass. See if you can beat one another!


Homework is key and makes a huge difference in achievement.

This is especially important as it can determine being put up (or down!) a set! It can mean (for coursework subjects) that you already enter exams with half of the assessment completed. It means that when you revise for tests you will improve and ultimately achieve the higher grades. Higher grades open more doors.

Understand your grades!

YEAR 7 National average performance Grade 1 Elite Performance 3 and above

YEAR 8 National average performance Grade 2 Elite Performance 4 and above

YEAR 9 National average performance Grade 3 Elite Performance 5 and above

YEAR 10 National average performance Grade 4 Elite Performance 6 and above

YEAR 11 National average performance Grade 5  Elite Performance 7 and above

Going forwards a grade 5 is seen as a strong pass (or an old B/C). Grades 7, 8 and 9 are the old Grade A/A* range. Grade 7 being an A and 8 being an A*. Grade 9 being achieved by the Elite and extremely hard to achieve. 


We know learning journeys are not simply upwards and can be bumpy, but as a general guide a student will improve by a grade a year. So, if they are on a grade 5 for a subject in Year 9 they should get a 7 or above in Year 11. This is useful information because it means we can change flightpaths and intervene really early to help
if needed!


Why are we obsessed with remembering?

Recently most exams have gone to a linear format with coursework content drastically cut back. This means you need to be able to remember lots of content at the end of the course in an exam. It puts a lot of pressure on students and so we will prepare you with a range of techniques to cope in exams. You must, revise little and often! See the point below, it’s soooooooo important!


What’s the best way to remember?

Revise little and often! If you google Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting you will soon understand how our brains remember and quickly forget! If we don’t return to something we’ve learnt for 30 days we’ve already forgotten 80% of it.

Where to buy Study Guides

There are a wide range of study guides and revision cards available from our academy shop.  There are also many online retailers of study guides and accompanying workbooks. The earlier you start using these the more successful you will be.

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