What is Equality?

All equal all different

Equality is often described as treating everyone the same. However, sometimes treating people differently is the best way to treat everyone equally.  For example imagine trying to sit a test, and the exam paper is in a language you don’t understand. How well do you think you would do at the test? In order for you to have an equal chance to pass the test, you would need the test paper in a language you understand.

So what is Diversity?

Variety is the spice of life.

Diversity is about recognising, valuing and taking account of people’s different backgrounds, skills, and experiences. Diversity is important because it allows everyone’s skill and contribution to be used and valued. The experiences and skills of different people makes a real difference to the effectiveness of our Academy and its impact on students, staff and our community as a whole.

Equality and Diversity Protects Everyone

One of the myths is that Equality and Diversity is about one group of people getting ‘special’ treatment at the expense of someone else. However it’s about everyone getting a fair chance to achieve their full potential. It means treating everyone equally on their merits, and not treating some unfairly because of their difference. Here at Ormiston Rivers we celebrate everyones differences, unique as we all are!

Pride Youth Network

Pride Youth Network is the organisation our pride group runs under. They are a UK recognised group that supports schools through the country. They allow us to keep doing what we are doing with advice support and opportunities for the pride group to attend. Such as the pride conference each year and London pride. 

We exist in this school to promote equality and reduce prejudice. Ensuring every student feels safe in the school environment nomatter their identity. 

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What is PRIDE all about?

Our PRIDE group and events are geared toward anyone who feels like their sexual identity falls outside the mainstream -- although many straight people join in too.

LGBT is an acronym meaning lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. The term sometimes is extended to LGBTQ, or even LGBTQIA, to include queer, intersex and asexual groups. Queer is an umbrella term for non-straight people; intersex refers to those whose sex is not clearly defined because of genetic, hormonal or biological differences; and asexual describes those who don't experience sexual attraction.

These terms may also include gender fluid people, or those whose gender identity shifts over time or depending on the situation.

Who can join PRIDE?

Anyone! Pride welcome allies from outside the LGBT community. We celebrate and champion the course of equality making opportunities to show support, to observe, listen and be educated.

What's the rainbow flag and ribbon for?

In 1978, artist and designer Gilbert Baker was commissioned by San Francisco city supervisor Harvey Milk -- one of the first openly gay elected officials in the US -- to make a flag for the city's upcoming Pride celebrations. Baker, a prominent gay rights activist, gave a nod to the stripes of the American flag but drew inspiration from the rainbow to reflect the many groups within the gay community.

A subset of flags represent other sexualities on the spectrum, such as bisexual, pansexual and asexual.

In our school students and teachers wear the rainbow ribbon to show support. You can buy one form the Wellbeing Room.

What is PRIDE Youth Network, I see others wearing the badge?

It's us! A group of people who are tackling bullying, prejudice and discrimination.

How do I join PRIDE?

We meet on Tuesday break times in L14, come along.

See you around school!

PRIDE Group : )

Pride Answers your questions!

To raise awareness of who we are and the values we promote we have produced this short video.