Year 11 Science Girls STEM University visit an excellent experience...

The Ormiston Rivers Year 11 girls enjoyed a third University experience today at Royal Holloway University of London.

The day started with the interesting history behind how the University was founded by suffragettes and opened by Queen Elizabeth.

We were privileged to have met some very enthusiastic Lecturers at the College. In Computer Science we were shown the latest in artificial intelligence advances. 

In Physics the girls were asked to identify different elements from the periodic table using spectroscopy which shows the spectrum of visible light each element emits.

The girls were challenged by an expert AQA Chemistry examiner calculating moles and mass from balanced equations which our girls did extremely well at. 

The day ended with a Q&A session of the University students representatives of what its like to study at Royal Holloway. 

The journey home was a bit of a mission having the M25 to contend with and the usual hold ups, but the girls were all in good spirits having been exposed to more opportunities that are available to them and some even using their time to do some homework! 

Well done again girls it is a pleasure to see how you get involved in activities presented to you, you are a credit to the academy.


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