Working from Home: A student’s guide.

These guidelines are for students who are working from home and/or in self-isolation.

How to do the work:

Make sure that you have access to google classrooms. You will need to download the free google apps to ensure you can open the documents.

Your teachers will be setting work for you every week. This work will take you the same amount of time as it would in lessons. E.g. Year 7 have 5 hours of English a week so the set work should take you 5 hours. Your teachers will set this in one work pack at the beginning of the week so check on a Monday for new work. There will not be extra ‘homework’ on top.

You do not need to print anything off.

Complete the work on paper or in your exercise book (if you have it) or save it electronically. You do not need to e mail or post this work back to your teachers. Save it until you come back to school and give it to your teacher in one go.

You will need to organise your work so it doesn’t get lost or mixed up. Keep each subject’s work separately and label each new piece with a title.

If you need help or support with your work, you can contact your teacher via the google classroom thread or via e mail. Your teachers will respond to you as quickly as they can during school hours.

Advice on a productive working day

Stick to your routines! Get up at the same time every day, get dressed and keep to the approximate routines and rhythms of the school day. Use this as a guide:

9.00am - 1 hours work

10.00am - 1 hours work

11.00 - 11.30am - Break time

11.30am - 12.30pm - 1 hours work

12.20pm - 1.30pm - 1 hours work

1.30 - 2pm - lunchtime

2pm - 3pm - 1 hours work

Set up a defined workspace and make sure you have all the equipment you need. Keep away from your phone while you are working, just like in a normal classroom.

Look after yourself! Make sure you get some fresh air and some exercise. You are allowed to go outside in the garden or for a walk. Eat healthily and at the usual times. Get a good night’s sleep. Try not to watch the news too much and talk to the people around you about how you are feeling.

Talk to other people and use facetime, skype etc to stay in touch with your friends and family. By maintaining some form of contact, you will feel less isolated. Contact us at school, if you are finding it hard. We are here to help!


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