Vocabulary Quizzing on Quizlet - A message to Year 10 from Miss Flack!

I hope you're all doing well and staying safe.

This blog contains all of the information you need to get up to speed with the vocabulary quizzing. In case you missed any information posted on your classrooms, I have re-explained what you need to do and why below: 1. Firstly, you need to complete the vocabulary quiz for each subject you study (including Maths, English and Science). You can access the quizzes by clicking here. I also recorded a video explaining more about these quizzes, which you can find here: Week 3 Year 10 English Lesson

2. Once you have completed any outstanding quizzes, you are ready to create a Quizlet account. Simply go onto the Quizlet website or download the Quizlet app and create an account - it's totally free. We are using Quizlet to teach you the vocabulary for each subject, so you need to:

a) Create an account, with your username following this format:  GFlack_10_ORA ^ First initial, surname _ 10 _ ORA

b) Search for ORA_Vocabulary

c) Join the classes for all of your subjects.

I have recorded a video showing you exactly how to do all of the above, which you will find here: Introducing Quizlet

Later in the term, you will be retested on the vocabulary that you will have learnt by using Quizlet. You will benefit in all subjects by taking part in this, so do use it to your advantage. As an academy, we advise you to spend one hour a week on your vocabulary/using Quizlet.  Please catch up on all of the above as soon as possible. Any questions, please ask.


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