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16th December 2019

Dear Parent/Carer,

Re: New behaviour systems & sanctions

I am writing to provide you with updated information about our new behaviour systems and sanctions that will become effective on 6th January 2020.

We are continually working to improve our academy for every student and sincerely believe that this new system will be a positive step towards that aim.This letter contains all of the information you will need about the new process and sanctions and all academy students have been or will be spoken to about our expectations before we break up for the Christmas holidays. The response from those students already informed has been extremely positive.

The majority of students really want to learn and achieve the best possible qualifications. We believe there needs to be mutual respect between staff and students and that issues need to be resolved quickly and effectively in order to achieve this. With that in mind we will be introducing the following processes in January 2020:

Detentions - Teachers will write detentions in planners and tell the student why they have been given the detention. If a student fails to attend they will be given an additional chance to attend. If they fail to attend the second chance detention, they will be placed in Inclusion for a day. The late bus is available at 4.20pm to take students home.

Lesson extraction - If a student is extracted from a lesson (period 1-4), an after school detention on the same day will be issued. A text will be sent home to inform parents/carers. If the extraction takes place during period 5 the detention will take place the following day. All students who have a detention will be collected and taken to the teacher that extracted them to serve the detention. If the sanction is refused, the student will be placed in Inclusion for a day.

On call system - If a student refuses extraction and support has to be called for, they will be placed in Inclusion the following day. In addition, if they are extracted more than once in a day, they will be placed in Inclusion the following day.

Lateness & Truancy - If students are late (more than 5 minutes) to class they will do an inclusion placement the following day. Students will not be allowed out of lesson without a teacher’s out of lesson pass.

Inclusion room expectations: If a student is placed in Inclusion, they will go straight to the Inclusion room and register there. They will be expected to hand their phone in and to complete a reflection sheet about why they have been placed in Inclusion. The expectation is for all students to work in silence. Work will always be provided for students in Inclusion. An inclusion report card will be issued and completed, and if a student fails to achieve the expectations they will be required to repeat the day. The inclusion day will run to 4.20 p.m. and Inclusion students will have different break and lunch times to the rest of the school. The late bus will be available for students following a day in Inclusion. Achievement Directors will meet with parents following an Inclusion placement to discuss the reason for the Inclusion and to reinforce expectations moving forward.


Failure to comply with the school’s sanction system will result in escalation to a fixed term exclusion.

Walking away from or rudeness to staff will result in a fixed term exclusion.

Those students excluded for disrupting inclusion will be expected to repeat the inclusion day upon return from their exclusion.

All exclusions will be followed by a parental meeting.

Our aim is to have simple but effective behaviour and attendance policies with clearly defined consequences that are applied consistently and fairly by all staff, in order to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding by students, parents and academy staff.

If you wish to discuss any of the new systems please do not hesitate to contact me at the academy.

Yours sincerely,

Miss K Goodfellow

Assistant Principal (Behaviour), Designated Safeguarding Lead

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