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Update Friday 27th March

Dear Parent/Carers,

I hope you are well and keeping yourselves safe in this very new landscape that we find ourselves in. It was only last week that we went through a tidal wave of changes as well as emotions that crescendoed into the last day of schooling as we know it for some time.

This week we have been coming to terms with supporting government policy. We are currently running two schools. One, our virtual school, teachers have been asked to ensure that work is put onto google classroom each day or at the start of the week for the classes that they have. The best way that families can support learning at home is to encourage their children to stick to their regular timetable.

We have taken the deliberate step of not chasing students who have not logged onto the google classroom. For the time being the best thing families can do is support each other. There is a lot of discussion in the media from stressed parents worried about becoming teachers overnight. We don't have that expectation. We just want you to support each other to be settled and happy. If you do have any questions then please use the subject leaders or the class teacher if you need any help. We have also created on our school website a dedicated area of resources, useful advice and fun activities to engage you and your children.

Our other school is the physical school that you all know. The composition of the school has changed somewhat over the week. I would like to thank families for supporting the government social distancing measures by keeping the majority of children at home - it really is the best place for them at the moment. We are currently running the school for a small group of learners on a rota of staff. We have about 4/5 members of staff in each day to support a few key learners. This has allowed us to keep the majority of staff safe at home so they can continue to work.

I am aware that last week I bombarded you with communications quite heavily. This week I have wanted to tone that down to signify that things are beginning to settle and that the plans are being put in place. I would like to reiterate my thanks for the overwhelming support you have all given me and the staff at Rivers . Each of them have their own families and they will equally be worried about how they navigate through these uncharted waters. I am very grateful that we have such a dedicated staff to support us at this time.

Please do keep communicating with us to maintain our excellent working relationship.

Mrs Baker



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