Principals Letter: Years 8 and 9 school closure

Dear Parents/Carers 17th March 2020

As you are aware, the current situation regarding Coronavirus is a very complex one, which is changing daily and Government and Public Health England advice is being updated on a regular basis. This advice is the same for everyone and I am sure you are well-informed about the precautions which are being recommended for all; you will find this in various documents and articles on the Government’s website at /

Here at Ormiston Rivers, we are continuing to use the advice issued for educational establishments and we remain open for lessons for all students except Year 8 and Year 9 starting on the 18th March.

We will continue to monitor and manage the situation on a daily basis and will act as necessary to allow students and members of staff to focus on the most important element of Academy life, which is that of teaching and learning for all students. Google classrooms have been set up and Year 8 and 9 will be able to access work from tomorrow. However I know some staff are starting to post work today. Other year groups have access to their own classroom and these details have been shared on previous correspondence.

We ask that, as for all members of staff, parents/carers continue to promote a heightened state of personal hygiene for all students and family members. We are grateful to parents/carers for supporting us in ensuring that all students to come into the Academy in clean uniform, having taken care to wash their hands thoroughly before leaving home and with the habit of regularly washing them throughout the day, as per the government guidance for reducing the risk of spreading this virus and, indeed, other ‘regular’ cold and flu germs.

Thank you for your help in continuing to send your child(ren) into the Academy and reiterating the need for thorough attention to personal hygiene as we continue to work through the current pandemic together.

Yours truly

Emma Baker



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