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Monday 9th September

Welcome to my first Principal Blog of the academic year. I thought it would be a good idea to set up a blog so every couple of weeks I can give you all updates on what is going on in the academy.

The 2019-20 academic year has got off to a flying start this week. Monday was a staff training day focusing on our Academy priorities, before we welcomed our Year 7 and 12 students back on Tuesday then all students were back in on Wednesday.

Inset Day

During our training day on Monday, staff received training on teaching and learning, as well as important briefings on safeguarding and inclusion. There was also time put aside for staff to work in their faculty prepare for the year ahead.

The Academy Site

A huge amount of work has gone on across the Academy Site over the summer. This includes:

Completion of new windows in MfL and Business studies. The whole site has been painted including all corridors and main areas.New signs around the academy have been put up in each area plus inspiring quotes for our students and staff to read. We have also moved across to Google/Gmail for our email, this is the first stage of improving technology and we will start to use google documents and introduce this to students over the next few months. Several office and room changes have also been made including moving my office to the heart of the academy. I want to pay a public tribute to our amazing Site Team, IT Network manager, contractors and administration staff who have achieved an astonishing amount in a very short space of time. The Academy looked wonderful when the students arrived on Wednesday!

Focus on behaviour and standards

In my first assemblies on Wednesday, I spoke to students about our expectations of their behaviour and uniform. The policy has not changed however the expectation is that all students will adhere to the policy. Our students have responded well, so thank you to the parents/carers who are supporting this. Together we will ensure that our students look smart and will continue to be consistent with this.

Over the next month, we will be launching a Facebook/Instagram page which I will share with you. On this we hope to have daily activities/information for you to be able to access. We have also created a brand new website, which I am sure you will agree looks fantastic. Please have a look if you haven’t already had the chance. Special thanks to Mrs Ingate who has worked extremely hard on this over the summer and last few months.

My overwhelming feeling over this first week has been one of immense pride. It is an honour to be the Principal of Ormiston Rivers. I am working with such dedicated and expert colleagues in the teaching and support staff, and so many wonderful students. I am excited about the year ahead – there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Mrs Emma Baker


All of Mrs Baker's posts will also appear on her own blog page, here.


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