Elite Scholars

Dear Elite Scholars,

This applies to all Elite Scholars.

Your first stretch and challenge learning is to do this course which has just been made free by the BSL (normally £25). You will need to provide some id to show you are the age you are and this will also allow you to get the certificate when you have completed it. The course takes 20 Hours and you have 2 weeks to complete it (starting this Monday). This course can be put on your CV for the rest of your life and is invaluable, this is an amazing opportunity that I expect you all to sieze.

Once complete please keep your certificate safe (digital one is fine) as I will be asking to see them when we are next in school.

Your next task (which is learning all about Scientists) will be released in 2 weeks time and has an end of unit test (in July so plenty of time!)

Mrs Ingate

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