Dear Sixth Form,

20 March 2020

Dear Sixth Form,

I know some of you are really upset because you’ve worked so hard to push your grades up lately. Don’t despair, we teachers have noticed you. We know you deserve to do well and we’ve got your back! In a time when you should be focused on your revision, Universities, and the long summer you’ve earned, you now have faced uncertainty and worry. We are all worried as teachers and adults and we feel you shouldn’t be in this position. Please rest assured that this will ultimately not hold you back in life. You will not be forgotten. Our generation will look out for yours.

We do not know what might happen regarding exams. The Government may decide that you have to take them at another time. We will let you know what to do as soon as we can. In the meantime, I would urge Year 12 and 13 students to continue with their exam preparation so they are not disadvantaged at any point in the future. Exams are one part of your education and none of your education has been a waste. Knowledge is power however resilience, character and kindness are worth just as much. The coming weeks will prove this to you. Your teachers, politicians, and adults will sort out your grades in time if we have to,

You also have another important part to play at the moment:

-Please stay at home and follow the government advice. Don’t spread the virus. Lives are at stake.

-Be kind to your parents and family. Tempers can get frayed. Be patient and make the best of things. Work on your family relationships for the future.

-Ring your older relatives often. Consider writing them a letter – they’d like that. However fed up or lonely you feel it’s nothing compared to the elderly at the moment.

-Keep in touch with friends but be kind on-line. It’s harder to see through the social media front to people’s real feelings, so just be kind.

-Stay active. Walk the dog (alone), jog or try a YouTube workout every day.

-Stay healthy by sleeping well, eating simple foods and sitting in the garden.

-Learn some life skills like cooking, gardening and washing. Help out and be part of your home team. Learn about life. Learn to repair your clothes by sewing them / help with DIY etc.

-Read as much as you can. It will transport you to new places, take your mind off things and prepare you for your independent study at the next stage.

- We are really ALWAYS here for you. Ring us or email us if you need to. Use the contact numbers on the website. If you feel you need support with your wellbeing whilst off school you can contact us on this email

As this is clearly an unprecedented situation, we will continue to ensure that we do the very best for the students at ORA Sixth Form. Please keep checking your emails, the school website, and social media for any updates we may send out over the coming weeks.

Rivers Sixth Form Team


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