Could you look after our 'real care baby' all weekend?

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Our Child development and Health and Social Care departments have welcomed a new addition to their fold. It is yet to be named, though I know Mrs Cooke is open to suggestions! Our real care baby is the most technically advanced simulated infant available. It is a high tech/micro-chipped, fully programmable infant that allows our students are able to experience looking after the baby for a full weekend. With all the fun that brings! Our school has made a big investment in this little baby to continue to support the stunning results that our Health and Social Care and Child Development students achieve. These students often achieve 2 grades above national average. Last week they were learning about contraception in 1 lesson and the anatomy and physiology of childbearing in the next. They are always great lessons to pop into.

They will need to deal with all the demands a new born has. The baby records all handling, feeding, nappy changes, and care given by the student.  


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