Coronavirus Update Wednesday18th March 2020

You will have seen the latest Government briefings on how to manage the coronavirus outbreak, where additional advice has been issued relating to groups of people perceived to be at risk. This may have a significant impact on your family situation and it does have implications for us in school.

The revised advice states that you should not send your child to school for 14 days if anybody in your household has a new or persistent cough or a fever. The guidance also states that people (including children) with underlying health issues should now self-isolate, pregnant women also now fall into this category. As with our previous advice, please contact school as soon as possible to inform us if your child is unable to attend due to health concerns. If your child presents with a persistent cough or high temperature whilst at school, we will request that they are collected straight away and that they then follow government advice to self-isolate for the specified time.

You will appreciate that staff may also fall into these at risk groups at some point. We will always try to keep the school open, but as you are aware, we have had to reduce the year groups from today. As a result, Year 8 and 9 students are not now in school and are working from home via google classroom for the foreseeable future. For all other year groups the school remains open. A workbook has also been shared for students who are self isolating and work is being posted on the google classroom. Students are to keep the work at home and bring the completed work in when they return to school.

Every day I will continue to make assessments and will continue to keep you updated of any changes or new developments.

This is clearly a challenging time. Please be assured that whatever happens in the coming weeks, we will ensure that you and your children will continue to get the best service possible and we will remain totally committed to ensuring as much continuity and support for students and families that we can.

Kind regards,

Mrs E Baker



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