Consultation re: Proposed increase to Published Admissions Number - Ormiston Rivers Academy

1st March 2021

Dear Stakeholders,

Re: Consultation on proposed expansion of Ormiston Rivers Academy

Over the past few months, a number of meetings have taken place with representatives of Essex County Council and Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) regarding the feasibility of expanding Ormiston Rivers Academy to help address the proposed shortage of secondary school student places within our local community.

To satisfy the projected requirements for secondary school places as defined within the local authority’s 10-year plan; ‘meeting the demands for school places’, I am writing to you to seek your views on a proposed expansion of Ormiston Rivers Academy by an additional one form of entry per year (30 places).

Ormiston Rivers Academy is a member of the OAT Trust. The trustees see the proposed expansion of the school as an opportunity to meet the increasing demand for places within the local area, whilst continuing to offer an excellent education to all students.

Ormiston Rivers Academy currently has a published admissions number into year 7 of 180. The proposed expansion would be fully funded by Essex County Council and is proposed to be completed in time for the September 2023 academic year. Following the completion of these works, an additional 30 student places per year would be created, allowing us to admit an extra form of entry into year 7. The schedule below identifies the proposed shortage of places within our community and shows how the expansion would help address the identified shortfall of places.

Planning Group 2: 22/23 23/24 24/25 25/26 26/27 27/28 28/29 29/30

Student Places 7 -55 -51 -32 -27 -17 -29 -16

Ormiston Rivers Academy

(Data provided from Essex County Council’s ‘Meeting the demand for school places in Essex – 10 year Plan 2021-2030)

This consultation is an opportunity to express your views and ask questions on the proposal to increase the school’s student capacity; your contributions will help inform our decisions and will reflect within our subsequent application to the Department for Education. There will be further consultation regarding the building and planning around this.

Unfortunately, due to the current Covid 19 pandemic we are unable to issue invitations to formal consultation meetings, however, we would encourage responses, via google form:, email, letter or telephone. To support this we have set up the following means of communication, emailing: [email protected], or leaving an answerphone message on: 01621

787830, or written communication posted to: Ormiston Rivers Academy, Southminster Road, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, CM0 8QB. We will acknowledge all responses and reply to any queries or required clarification points.

The consultation period starts on Monday 1st March and closes on the 16th April 2021.

The final decision as to whether the school expands will be made by the Regional Schools Commissioner on behalf of the Department for Education following the submission of a Significant Change Application by the Trust.

This consultation document is sent electronically to all parents/carers, trustees, local governors, teachers and support staff who are part of the Ormiston Rivers Academy community. Electronic copies will also be sent to headteachers of the neighbouring schools in the planning area, ward councillors, MPs, community groups and users of the school site, unions and relevant officers of Essex County Council and Maldon District Council.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs E. Baker



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