Accelerated Reader: Out of this world challenge - Update! 15/02/2021

Congratulations to the following students that have all made great progress:

Marli Wood, E

lla Barrett, Joni Bristow, Oliver Harris, Yeushayne Deshapriya, Amelia Kilgour, Isaac Carr, Laura Barnes, Freya Avery, Oscar Elvidge, Joslyn Berry, George Hutcheon, Izzy Pearson, Katie Melton, Imogen Locke, Pippa Smith, Emily Peach, Liam Stokes, Liam Burley, Alisha Ransom, Joseph Banks, Jessica Lacey, Jasmine Scadding, Aimiee Conyard, Abigail Randall, Izzy Beales, Jack Kelleher and Lewis Evans.

See the update attached for further details.

Closing numbers will be collected at midnight on Friday 19th February. The top three pilots will each recieve a £10 voucher for Amazon and all pilots will recieve a congratulatory postcard - Which planet will you reach?


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