Meet Our Achievement Directors

Mr Swinnerton

Executive Achievement Director

Mr Swinnerton has an Education honours degree from Exeter University specialising in PE and Maths.

Mr Swinnerton works across all the year groups to support the Achievement Directors and SLT, working closely with both staff and parents. In his limited free time he enjoys most sports as a spectator, reading and the cinema. He also has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the worlds pre-eminent mathematicians.

Mrs Gibson

Year 7 Achievement Director

Mrs Gibson has a Bachelor of Science in Computing from the Open University.


Mrs Gibson is responsible for ensuring our fabulous New Year 7's have an excellent transition into our Academy from their primary schools. She leads a team of Year 7 mentors who are responsible for ensuring our students swiftly develop excellent learning habits and the highest standards in and out of the classroom.


Mrs Gibson really enjoys playing netball and working with Computers. STEM is of particular interest as is Science Fiction.

Miss L Spencer

Year 8 Achievement Director

Miss Spencer has a degree in Chemistry, specialising in Organic Chemistry, from the University of Leicester.


Miss Spencer is the Head of Year 8 and is responsible for ensuring the Year 8 students are supported academically and pastorally as they progress through the academic year. Year 8 is an important year where the students choose their subjects for GCSE. Miss Spencer is on hand to ensure that the students choose appropriate GCSE subjects that enable each student to thrive during their academic career. 


Miss Spencer is an avid skier and enjoys travelling to a variety of ski resorts to sample the slopes!

Mr J Kirby

Year 9 Achievement Director

Mr Kirby has a Bachelor of Science in Wood Science and Technology and a Professional Masters of Education in Technological Education. He earned each qualification at the University of Limerick, Ireland.


Mr Kirby is responsible for the smooth progression of students transitioning from year 8 to year 9. In year 9, students engage with their first of a three year flight path to GCSE. Mr Kirby leads a highly respected and capable team of mentors who engage with students on a daily basis to develop standards of learning, both in and outside of the classroom.


Outside of school, Mr Kirby plays music on banjo, mandolin and guitar. He holds a title for All-Ireland Senior Mandolin Champion. He has played in many bands in Ireland and has travelled across Europe playing in festivals and gigs.

Mrs V Wells

New Year 10s and 11 Achievement Director

Mrs Wells has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of Kent. 


Mrs Wells is responsible for seeing the Year 11s through to the end of their final GCSE qualifications. Her role is to ensure that students are nurtured and guided to get the best credentials possible. Mrs Wells will be aiding Year 11 students to secure their aspirations and post-16 future choices working alongside the careers advisor in the Academy.


Mrs Wells has a passion for performing arts and enjoys going to the theatre to see a variety of performances.

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