Exams 2019-20

You can view the latest information regarding 2020 exam results via this link:


SUMMER 2020 EXAM SEASON - Monday 11th May to Wednesday 24th June 2020. Students must be available to sit exams throughout this period.

Each student receives their own personal timetable in PPE exam periods as well as examination periods. First Year 11 PPEs will be in October 2019.


Any queries or questions should be directed to Mrs L Clark, the Academy’s Examinations Officer, on 01621 787861 or via e-mail: lclark@ormistonriversacademy.co.uk

You can download our 2020 currrent Exam Timetable here

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Support with exams...

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Exam Regulations

It is imperative that all students are aware of the Examination Regulations and what is expected of them. Failure to comply with Examination Regulations may result in disqualification.

Please click links below to view exams policies and documents.

If you require a paper copy of the regulations booklet please contact Mrs Clark on 01621 787861
Please be aware that any changes to exam arrangements, as a result of unforeseen circumstances will be notified by text and posted on our website.

I'm Stressed!

Please visit our Wellbeing pages here for more help and perhaps have a read of these useful guides.

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GCSE Parent Guide

How Can I ask for help

Parent Guide to Support Exam Time
Parent/Carer Workshops

Campaign Bulletin – Stress Awareness

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