What is Tassomai?

Tassomai is an online Learning and Revision App and Website for English, Maths and Science for every student in year 7,8,9,10,11 and 12's resits. Log on Now!

Watch the Video Below from Tassomai

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Video from Ms Ingate coming shortly...

How do I log in and get going??

New students need to:

  • Visit app.tassomai.com/signup

  • Enter our school's unique code: Z6BGK5A9

  • Enter your school email address

  • Choose the correct class from the dropdown menu for English, Maths and Science

*Please note that students will need to sign up on a browser. Once they have signed up they can use the free app to log in.

Go for it you can answer as many questions as you like!

There will be prizes and regular announcements for the top 10 students engaging and answering the most questions in year groups!

Download the Tassomai full presentation here

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No time?! View the simple 10 step graphic below...

What other online platforms can I use?

We use Hegarty for Maths. We love Hegarty, it's different from Tassomai in that it actually teaches you too, it's not only a revision tool. You should be using Hegarty every week. Below is a copy of our Hegarty letter if you need any details of how to log in. You can also email Miss Steiger for any help ssteiger@ormistonriversacademy.co.uk

Some of our staff especially at KS4 use Seneca, It's free and covers a lot of courses. You can log on with your school email address and the password is also your school one. You can also set up your own account not linked to school if you wish, its online and an app, most use the app.

In French we recommend Linguascope.

For ICT we use Teach ICT , https://cambridgegcsecomputing.org

For year 11 if you log into your Super6 App you will find links to YouTube videos and various websites for each course that we offer, these are designed to help you in your final year of revision.

We use Quizlet for our Vocab,  students simply need to sign up and search for ORA_Vocabulary to revise/learn key vocab for their subjects! We also use it in French too!

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