Weekly Learning

All the  instructions for accessing Google Glass rooms are below. Enjoy your learning from home, don't pressurise yourself if you get behind or finish quickly and have lots of spare time some days. That's ok! You will see from the links above that there are lots of challenge activities on here if you want to exercise your brain. And if you want to widen your horizons we've got ideas for that too (and we promise they are fun!) Enjoy spending time with your families, they are your world, tell them and show them, a kind word or a surprise cup of tea and a biscuit goes a long way : )

Home Study Packs

What are Revision books?

These are a collection of revision resources, and a lot of 'knowledge organisers'. Knowledge organisers are a way of condensing the really important information onto 1 page, In the booklets on page 2 it gives you some ideas of how to use them. It's a very good idea to get your parents or siblings to test you each day on a topic/s or a page/s. When you feel you have learnt most of the booklet then move on to the next one which will be more challenging, there will be 3 booklets in total for KS3, designed to take between a week to a month for you to learn (depending on what type of learner you are). For KS4 you will see the booklet is huge and so this will be your only book, we would say this represents about 3 months learning as a minimum, remember its not about just reading them as you won't remember a thing, do the daily memorising activities for each section/page suggested on page 2 of all booklets! Keep all the revision material you make and use safe in a folder (ideally in sections ie: Science, Art, PE etc...)

What if I cannot print this out?

You don't necessarily need to print this, you can use it onscreen. Whilst school is open for only key-worker children we do not have any staff in to print booklets. If you cannot access anything online please email Miss Byford in the first instance who will try to support you (dbyford@ormistonriversacademy.co.uk)

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Download the first KS3 booklet by clicking here, this is for years 7, 8 and 9.

This booklet is approx 100 pages long and should take you between a week and a month to learn.

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Download our KS4 English Literature Home Study Pack suitable for Years 9,10 and 11.

This booklet is approx 100 pages long and should take you between a week and a month to learn if you study it for 1- 2 hours a day.

Download our KS4 English Language Home Study Pack suitable for Years 9,10 and 11.

This booklet is approx 70 pages long and should take you between a week and a month to learn if you study it for 1-2 hours a day.

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Our Home reading Program

For those of you who like a bit of structure in your lives; here's what various celebrities are offering you free FREE and DAILY ... get involved!!!


9.00am - PE with Joe Wicks

10.00am - Maths with Carol Vorderman 


11.00am - English with David Walliams

12.00pm - Lunch (cooking with Jamie Oliver)

1.00pm - Music with Myleene Klass

1.30pm - Dance with Darcey Bussel

2.00pm - History with Dan Snow (free for 30-days) 


4.00pm - Food Tech with Theo Michaels (Mon/Wed/Fri)

Non-daily events include:
Science with Professor Brian Cox, Robin Ince & Guests

9.30am Wednesday 25 March - Geography with Steve Backshall

You can also find 50 free revision resources for KS4 & 5 here:


Google Classroom

You will be aware that we have set up Google Classrooms for every year and if your year group is not in school work will be posted regularly there. It is important that you keep on top of this so as not to miss key topics and new learning. The letter below details everything you need to get up and going. 


To enable your son/daughter to access Google classrooms to continue their learning from home, please take the following steps. Students have been shown how to access this platform in the school and therefore have logged on successfully to this platform.

Step by step guide


  • Click on the tab 'Sign in'

  • Enter a password. The password will be the same password students use to login to the school computers

  • Once logged in, look to the top right of the page and you will see 9 dots in a square


  • Ormiston Rivers Academy logo and click on the 9 dots


  • A selection of Google Apps are now displayed, please click on the Classroom App

  • You will see a collection of classrooms on the screen. Click on the classroom that is appropriate to the student’s year group (7,8,9,10,11 and 12,13).


  • A classroom feed will open up, this is where all the students’ work will be displayed. The students will be able to download any school material for work at home and upload work if needed.


  • They may need to scroll down to find the specific teacher’s set work


For those who have not yet joined a classroom please follow these steps:

Complete steps 1-7 from previous points


Once in the classroom, look to the right hand side of the page and click on the PLUS sign and click on join a classroom


A prompt will ask you for a code, please put the code that relates to the student’s year group as follows:

Year 11: jfjtdsj

Year 10: 3q7mwa2

Year 9: gxub5ul

Year 8: cblxdmv

Year 7: vlrzy4i

Year 12 and 13: 4hkbjzs


If you cannot access this platform please contact Mark Crawford our IT Network Manager who will be able to support you via the phone or email. mcrawford@ormistonriversacademy.co.uk


A survey has been shared to find out if you have computer/internet access, if you do not please contact the SSA team and we will support you with other methods. The Student Support Team are dbyford@ormistonriversacademy.co.uk and tsexton@ormistonriversacademy.co.uk

If you're struggling with using Google Drive have a watch of this video, it's very simple.

Links to other useful learning resources, many free during Covid period

The following are websites which offer a range of resources across the curriculum.


https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize BBC Bitesize is linked well to the national curriculum. Many of your children will already be familiar with Bitesize.


https://www.twinkl.com/ (free during Covid period)


https://www.senecalearning.com/ free for students


In addition, the following sites are also useful.



We recommend using Corbett maths as they have made short and clear video tutorials for each topic.


https://corbettmaths.com/ (KS3/4 )


https://ttrockstars.com/ For gaining fluency with timetables



https://mysteryscience.com/school-closure-planning?fbclid=IwAR2SVPy5GqLchxibLY2qSAjMCpcRuhntl6FRLlhVrRJMC-anommMzaR46WU Suitable for primary, good questions that they can explore.



https://www.duolingo.com/ Has all the languages we teach in our schools. A great app!


Art and Culture, including History

https://artsandculture.google.com/ There is a wealth of materials to explore here, including virtual tours of all kinds of museums and exhibitions.

The National Theatre on youtube – lots of live productions. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDq1XzCY0NIOYVJvEMQjqw

The National Archive of education resources https://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/education/sessions-and-resources/?key-stage=ks3





Staying healthy whilst in self-isolation

Basic 10 minute exercise routines, designed to meet the daily requirements of exercise. There are six workouts, one for every day of the week, plus a rest day. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/10-minute-workouts/

Year 7 and 8 reading platform: Free



Year 7 and 8 ORA students have free access to myON, a unique online digital platform, where they can access thousands of digital books, comics, articles online. All students can read the same title simultaneously thanks to truly unlimited book access—available 24/7, at school and home, online and offline!


 Here is how to get online.


  • Using Google, search for myON uk login or click here  to access the login page


  • In School Name start to type Ormiston Rivers Academy and it should autofill 



  • In password students should use the following generic password Rivers-1053!


  •  This will then take the children to their own unique myON homepage and they can start browsing all the digital resources


This is just an additional service, for the time being, to supplement everything else that is being provided for students. As such, we will be unable to provide any support with technical issues. However, should you need any assistance, please email me, using tfreelander@ormistonriversacademy.co.uk and I will assist in any way that I can.

Instructions are here to download on how to link your myOn account to your Accelerated Reader Account


Mr Freelander

Reading Across the Curriculum Coordinator

Screenshot 2020-04-04 at 13.33.15.png

Logging on to Hegarty Maths

Ormiston Rivers Academy are fortunate enough to have access to an amazing array of online resources including that of Hegarty Maths. During this period of home learning, many students will be assigned tasks to complete by their maths teacher on this platform. To help you to support your son/daughter in completing these tasks, we have provided you with an outline of the steps needed to gain access to this resource. Plus an attachment on how to do this also from the company which you can download by clicking here.


  1. Once on any device which has access to the internet, type www.hegartymaths.com into your internet browser.

  2. Once on the website, you must click on student log in. This can be found on the top right of the webpage in a green box.

  3. Before logging in, please check to make sure the school stated at the top is that of Ormiston Rivers Academy. If not there is an option to change the school.

  4. To log in, your son/daughter will be asked for their first name, last name and date of birth. Once these details have been filled in, please click the next button.

  5. You will then be asked to enter your password. If your son/daughter has not logged into hegarty maths before, then this will be a new password which you can set up on the spot. However, if your son/daughter have already logged in, then they must use the same password as before. Should your son/daughter forget their password, then you can do one of two things;

  6. Hit the reset button on the screen.

  7. Inform your teacher via email or on google classroom that you need a password reset.

  8. Once logged in, you will find a tab which states my tasks. Click on this button to access the tasks which have been assigned by your son/daughter’s maths teacher.

When completing the tasks assigned, students are expected to watch all video clips in full. They should form detailed notes in their exercise books (on paper is fine) which should include key points and worked examples. Following the video clip, students must complete the questions in the quiz, showing all workings in their exercise books. You will instantly be told if the answer you entered is correct. Please tick the question as correct in your book. If you enter an incorrect answer you will have one chance to correct it. Remember, your teacher will see how long you spent doing the quiz and how much of the video you have watched. They can also see how many times you have done the quiz, which questions you got right/wrong and the time spent on each one.

Should you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me on the email below.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Easter.

Kindest regards,

Miss Steiger

Maths teacher


Have your own tutor for free Year 10!

MORE GOOD NEWS FOR YEAR 10 students/parents.

We have been notified of (and can recommend) another resource for year 10 (KS4) students (work is currently underway to extend this for KS3 and KS5 students too.)

'My Tutor' have launched a (FREE!!) 'My Tutor Online School' service whereby they will be sharing daily, lunchtime, live group, webinar tutorials, as well as short explainer videos and written resources, covering common tricky topics across a range of GCSE subjects.

These are all completely free - students just need to sign up using the link below and join live sessions via 'Zoom' video link. (Previous sessions are also available for students to take a look on their YouTube channel.)

The planned programme over coming weeks covers a variety of subjects Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology topics, from how to analyse poem structure to understanding chemical bonds.

'Sign up' and PARENTAL CONSENT (to My Tutor - NOT Rivers) is required, but beyond that, this promises to be a free resource that may well provide parents with an 'extra' tool to help them to help their child whilst students are having to 'learn at home'. 

Access the 'My Tutor' YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/MyTutorWeb/videos

Sign up here https://bit.ly/3aC8ExT

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