Results show a full range of curriculum strength in the academy

Exam Results

The Department For Education publishes School Performance Tables every year. You can use this information to easily compare schools on many different measures. You can find our Schools page by clicking here:

For the 2020 results school performance tables will not be published due to Department for Education Covid guidance.

2020 GCSE Results:

  • 423 Grade 7-9 or A* equivalent grades

  • 179 Distinction – Distinction* grades awarded

  • 99% pass rate

  • 113 Level 2 Distinction*

  • 179 Level 2 Distinction* & Distinction

Exceptional performance across a huge range of subjects including:

Child Development, RS, Art, Design and Planning, Performing Arts, Engineering, Travel and Tourism, Health and Fitness, Events, Biology, Retail Business, Health and Social Care, Food, Physics, Geography, Combined Science and French.

Some of the individual success stories include:

  • Rebecca Williams - 8 grade 9s, 1 grade 8 and a D*

  • Maddison Tuckey - 5 grade 9s, 3 grade 8s, one grade 7and 2 distinctions

  • Matthew Watkin - 6 grade 9s, one grade 8, 2 grade 7s and a D*

  • Sophie French - 2 grade 9s, 6 grade 8s, one grade 6 and a D*

  • Kaitlyn Edinburgh - 2 grade 9s, 4 grade 8s, 7, 2 grade 6s, 4, D*

  • Chloe Brewster - 3 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s, 2 grade 7s, one grade 6 and a D* 

  • Chloe Gasson - one grade 9, 6 grade 8s, 7, 6, D*

  • Emily Welton - 2 grade 9s, 3 grade 8s, 4 grade 7s, D, D*

  • Katie Mayes - 2 grade 9s, 3 grade 8s, 2 grade 7s, 2 grade 6s, D*

  • Imogen Smith - 2 grade 9s, 6 grade 7s, 6, D*, D

Principal, Emma Baker, said: “I am absolutely delighted that our students have achieved such strong results after what has been an incredibly difficult year for them.  Their resilience and dedication will stand them in good stead in whatever future path they pursue.  I wish each and every one of them every success”.

2020 Sixth Form Results:

  • A-Level APS up from 28.95 to 31.86 (1/3 of a grade).

  • Over 90% passed at least 1 A-Level, 40% achieving A*-B.

  • Academic APS up from 30.56 to 32.15.

  • Over 87% passed at least 1 course, 38% achieving A*-B.

  • Applied General up from 30.95 to 35.22, almost half a grade improvement.

  • 95% of students passed, with 34% equivalent to higher A-Level grades.

  • Tech Levels up from 32.70 to 35.96 (1/3 of a grade improvement).

  • Overall - 95% of all entries passed. 1 grade A*, 30 A’s, 58 B’s, giving 41% A*-B


Due to the unprecedented circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past six months, the formal examinations due to be sat by Year 11 (or 12 and 13 for next week) students were cancelled without notice. As a direct result, the tremendous prior efforts and significant amount of hard work already undertaken left students, staff and their families throughout the Mid-Essex secondary schools feeling absolutely devastated.  


Whilst every Mid-Essex secondary school adopted a meticulous approach over a 10 week period to produce their own Centre Assessed Grades, the exam boards applied their own calculations to generate final student grades in each of their subjects.  Therefore, none of the usual benchmark data or any usual comparisons between schools has any validity whatsoever this year. 


Sitting exams would have been stressful enough for these young people, however, losing the chance to prove what they could achieve left many extremely upset. Nevertheless, and despite these significant and somewhat unique challenges, Mid Essex Headteachers congratulate all the students across the county for what they have still achieved and wish them every success as they progress onto the next stage of their education, employment or training.


Despite all of this, thankfully, students at Ormiston Rivers Academy are still able to celebrate with

a 95% pass rate overall, and an incredible 89 A*-B Grades.  The Academy’s headline results improved in terms of progress and performance across the board with many subjects 30-50% improved on last year.


Students will be moving on to a wide variety of leading and specialist universities to study a diverse range of degree courses, including the sciences, Politics, Law, English Literature, Psychology and Comedy!  There are also several students continuing their degree studies into nursing and policing; these are our future NHS and key worker heroes.  We are so very proud of them all.

Some of the individual success stories include:


  • Alice Flanders – A A A (Biology, History, Psychology)

  • Harry Simpson - Dis* Dis* A B B (H+S Double Award, Drama, Psychology, EPQ)

  • Danielle Cooper - Dis* A B B (Performing Arts, Drama, English, EPQ)

  • Nathaniel Head - Dis* Dis* B (Engineering, Music Tech, Business Studies)

  • Ben Griffiths - A B B Dis* (Chemistry, Physics, Maths, 0.5 Engineering)

  • Megan Davidson – A A B Dis (Geography, Psychology, Law, 0.5 Cooking and Nutrition)

  • Sally Blenman - A B B A*  (History, Psychology, English, EPQ)

  • Kurtis Symons-Peck – A A A B C (History, Drama, English, Psychology, EPQ)

  • Kobe Lynam – Dis* B B (Performing Arts, Drama, Business Studies)

  • Michaela Myers – Dis* B C (Performing Arts, Drama, Geography) 


  • Kate Frost in Year 12, one of our new Sixth Form leaders for next year, achieved A* A A A A (A2 Maths, AS Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Further Maths) – an incredible achievement.


Principal, Emma Baker, said:  “I am absolutely delighted that our students have secured the grades they so richly deserve, particularly in light of the extremely difficult circumstances we have found ourselves in over the past few months.  I wish them all every success in whichever future path they have chosen to pursue”.

2019 KS4 Headline Results:

  • Positive Progress 8 figure for 4th year in a row at +0.43

  • 100% of students in education or employment post KS4.

  • Percentage of students achieving grades 9-5 in both English & Mathematics has increased by 5% over last year.

  • Extremely strong performances in several subjects, including Science, French, Performing Arts, Religious Studies, Financial Studies, Business Studies and Child Development.

  • Vast increase in the numbers of students achieving top grades, with over 50 grade 9’s and 61 Distinction* or A* grades.

  • 99%+ pass rate overall.​

  • Attainment 8 Score 48.3

  • % of students achieving grade 5 in English and Maths 40%.

  • % of students entering the EBACC 16.1%.

  • % of students achieving the EBACC 14.3%.

  • Several exceptional individual student Progress 8 scores.

  • Sixth Form average point score 50.6

  • Sixth Form English resit Progress 8 score of +0.70

  • Sixth Form Maths resit Progress 8 score of 0.37


2019 KS4 Individual Student Successes:

  • Cerys Anderson (Grade 9’s in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography and Religious Studies, Grade 8 in French, A* in Financial Studies and grade 6 in English)

  • Jamie Rashbrook (Grade 9’s in Mathematics, Combined Science, History, Geography and Religious Studies, grade 8 in English, grade 7 in French and A* in Financial Studies)

  • Oliver Rivers (Grade 9’s in Mathematics, Combined Science, Geography, French and Religious Studies, grade A in Financial Studies, Distinction* in Media Studies and grade 6 in English)

  • Eden Pennycott (Grade 9’s in Combined Science, History and Religious Studies, Grade 8’s in French and Mathematics, Double Distinction* in Art and A* in Financial Studies. Eden has also achieved Grade B at A Level in Creative Writing)

  • Kate Frost (Grade 9+ in Mathematics, Grade 9’s in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Religious Studies, Grade 8’s in Computer Science and History, Grade 7 in English, Grade 6 in Astronomy, Double Distinction* in Art and grade A* in Financial Studies.  Kate has therefore achieved 5 individual science subjects, and also achieved Grade A in AS Level Mathematics)

  • Neve Willsmer-Dean (Grade 9 in Religious Studies, Grade 8’s in English, Combined Science, History and French, Grade 6 in Mathematics, Distinction in Music Technology and Grade A in Financial Studies)

  • Emily Gallagher (Grade 9 in Biology and Religious Studies, Grade 8’s in Mathematics and Geography, Grade 7’s in English, Chemistry and Physics, Grade 6 in Spanish and grade A* in Food & Cookery and Financial Studies)

  • Several students, including Emily Gallagher, Daisy Hogger, James Rashbrook, Luke Salvidge, Jake Stockbridge and Nadine Warner, have achieved a minimum of +2 Progress 8, ie: +2 grades above their expected outcomes across the board – a remarkable achievement.

2019 Sixth Form Headline Results:

  • Very strong results overall at Key Stage 5.  96% pass rate with 60% of students achieving grades A*-C and 30% achieving grades A*-B

  • Increased Average Points Score at “A” Level, Academic and Applied General measures; the highest for the last four years (Overall APS: 29.9)

  • Particular subject successes in Maths (students achieved on average 1/3 of a grade above target); Child Development (all students achieved grade A*), and Extended Project (students achieved on average one whole grade above target).

  • 100% pass rate in the vast majority of subjects, and extremely strong results in a number of vocational subjects including Performing Arts, Health & Social Care, Child Development & Engineering.

  • Creative, personalised curriculum has allowed students to succeed in additional subjects such as Music Technology, Food Science & Nutrition, Creative Writing and Drama; alongside their other subjects.

  • Sustained growth in numbers for entry into the Sixth Form for 2019. The majority of this year’s Year 12 will progress to Year 13 next year. The number of applicants for Year 12 has remained significantly high, and the sixth form is currently over-subscribed for 2019/20.


2019 Individual Student Successes:

  • James Tavner:  achieved 3 A Levels (A*,A,A) in Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry, and A* in Extended Project. Will be going on to study Medicine at Queen Mary University, London.

  • Amy Cooper: Achieved 3 A Levels (A, A, A) in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and A* in her Extended Project. Will be going on to study Optometry at Cardiff University.

  • Miles Clark: achieved 3 A Levels (A, B, B) in History, Geography and English Literature, and A* in his Extended Project. Miles has secured a place at the University of Exeter to study International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies.

  • Rebecca Mahoney: Achieved 3 A Levels (A, B, C) in History, Law and English Literature, and A* in her Extended Project.  Will be going on to study Law & Criminology at Leicester University.

  • Sophie Jenkins: Achieved 3 A Levels (A, C, E) in Art, History and Biology, and A* in her Extended Project. Will be going on to study History at Queen Mary University, London.

  • Emily Symons: Achieved grade C in Biology A Level, Distinction* in Sport and Merit in Food, Science & Nutrition, as well as grade A’s in core Mathematics and Extended Project. Will be going on to study Agriculture at Aberystwyth University.

  • Amy Parsons: Continued at the academy into Year 14 and has achieved grade A in Art A Level, Distinction* in Business Studies, Distinction in Performing Arts, Distinction*/Distinction in Health & Social Care, A* in Child Development and A* in Extended Project.

  • Taylor Davis: Achieved 2 A Levels (A, D) in Mathematics and Physics and a Pass in Engineering. Will be going on to study Mathematics at Chichester University. This is a remarkable achievement, considering Taylor entered the academy in Year 7 with much lower than average KS2 results.

  • Kate Frost: Achieved grade A in AS Mathematics two years early at age 15.

  • Over 50% of Year 13 students will be going on to further education, studying a diverse range of subjects including: Policing, Criminology, Politics, Art, Nursing, Teaching, Psychology, and many more.

2018 KS4 Headlines

  • Positive Progress 8 figure again this year.

  • Extremely strong performances in Science (+0.6 Progress 8 per student), Humanities (+0.78 Progress 8 per student) and R.E. (half of all entrants achieved grade 7-9)

  • Strong performances across the board and in particular in Child Development, Sport and Performing Arts where one-third of students achieved grade 9’s – the highest grade possible

Individual Student Stories

  • Leilani Bence: Grade 9 in History and 4 grade 8s in English, Biology, Geography & Religious Studies

  • Lilly Cornwell: Grade 9 in Mathematics and 6 grade 8s in English, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Religious Studies.

  • Callum Ferris: 7 Grade 8s in English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, History & Religious Studies

  • Rachel Cottee: Grade 8s in Geography, and Religious Studies and Grade 7s in English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Music

  • Alice Flanders: Grade 9 in History and 5 grade 8s in English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Religious Studies

  • Ben Griffiths: Grade 9 in Physics and 6 grade 8s in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography and Religious Studies

  • Michaela Myers: Grade 9 in Religious Studies, Grade 8 in English Literature and 6 grade 7s in English, Combined Science, Geography, Drama and Music

  • Kurtis Peck: 3 Grade 9s in English Literature, History, and Religious Studies and Grade 7s in English & Drama

  • Laura Spackman:  Grade 9 in Religious Studies, Grade 8 in Physics and Mathematics and Grade 7 in Biology & Chemistry

2018 Sixth Form Headlines

  • More than 50% students continuing on to University education, studying a range of courses, such as Architecture, English & American Literature, Biology, Geography, History, Law & Criminology, Medical Science, Nursing, Mechanical Engineering, Events Management and Musical Theatre.

  • A vast majority of students secured places at their chosen universities.

  • 100% pass rates in 11 A Level subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, Geography, History and Law.

  • 100% pass rates in 8 Applied & Technical subjects, including Accounting, Business Studies, Information Technology & Engineering.

Individual Student Stories

Year 13

  • Erin Milton: AAB (English, History & Sociology) and A in Extended Project and C in AS Creative Writing – going to University of Kent to study English & American Literature

  • Thomas Damps: BB Distinction (Creative Writing, Law & Performing Arts). This is a remarkable achievement as Thomas has a visual impairment and is on the autistic spectrum. He is staying on at the academy next year to gain more qualifications alongside work experience as a Teaching Assistant with some of our SEN students.

  • Joshua Trussell: BB Distinction* (Mathematics, Physics & Engineering) – going to study Mechanical Engineering at Brunel

  • Niamh Rolingson: BBB (Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology and A* in Extended Project and D in AS Physics – going to university to study Natural Sciences

  • Talia Oldham: BBB (English Literature, Law and Sociology) and A in Extended Project – going to study Law & Criminology at the University of Kent

  • Rebecca Lowman: BB Distinction* (Art, Law & BTEC Sport) and A in Extended Project

  • Leonie Hunt: AAD (English Literature, Performing Arts & Religious Studies) and B in Extended Project – going to study Musical theatre at the University of West London

Year 12

  • James Tavner: 4 A grades at AS Level (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics)

  • Amy Cooper: 3 A grades at AS Level (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and A* in Extended Project

  • Ethan Bird: AAB in AS Levels (Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics) and A in Extended Project

  • Leah Wakenell: AC in AS Levels (Law & Sociology) and A in Extended Project

  • Jaime Smee: A in AS Law and A* in Extended Project​

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