Elite Scholar Challenge Tasks are open to all!


Your first stretch and challenge learning is to do this course which has just been made free by the BSL (normally £25). You will need to provide some id to show you are the age you are and this will also allow you to get the certificate when you have completed it. The course takes 20 Hours and you have 2 weeks to complete it (starting this Monday). This course can be put on your CV for the rest of your life and is invaluable, this is an amazing opportunity that I expect you all to sieze.




Once complete please keep your certificate safe (digital one is fine) as I will be asking to see them when we are next in school.


Your next task (which is learning all about Scientists) will be released in 2 weeks time and has an end of unit test (in July so plenty of time!)


Mrs Ingate


I understand BSL have closed their applications, well done to those that registered early and have got on it, for those that haven't do have another look in a week or so, you might be in luck...

In the meantime I have bought the 2 forward the 2 Science Open Learning Modules I want you to register for and complete, both are science and technology related and both are accredited OpenLearning Programs. As such you can put them on your CV and you can register and get an Activity record and earn a badge for both.

Notice they are set out in weeks (both 8 weeks I believe) and you should do both alonside each other so 1 week learning for both each week. They are really good courses, genuinely interesting and will expand your horizons!



I will be asking you all for proof you have done these when we return so do ensure you register to set up an activity record : )

Mrs Ingate

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Screenshot 2020-03-25 at 20.29.30.png


All KS3 students are expected to have completed and learnt the KS3 revision book 1 and Reading Comprehension by July 15th

All KS4 students are expected to have completed both English Literature and Language Booklets by July 15th

KS3 Reading comprehension.JPG



Choose a course that inspires you, dont forget to register so you get the badge and accreditation on your activity log!



Design a T-shirt that shares an insight into the mind of a young person growing up in today’s world. The winning design will sit on the back of white t-shirts and can be any shape, size or colour. The competition is open to all students aged between 12-19.

Open this pdf for the full brief.


Have a go at cultural Bingo. Open up the pdf below. Click on the links to visit the websites and have a look around a cultural site, watch a film or stage performance, listen to a book or read some poetry. Print out the pdf and colour in the dots when you have completed a task. 

Cultural Bingo.JPG


Find a new book to read by exploring these extracts. On the first page, you'll find advice for how to access the full texts (some cost - others don't). I especially recommend that you try signing up to your local library, online, and then take advantage of the online library service. For year 7-8: All of these books are available to quiz on Accelerated Reader.

KS3 R4P cover.JPG
KS4 R4P cover.JPG


This booklet comes with a number of challenges to engage your physical, mental and social well being. We want you to learn, have fun and look after yourself and others.

Can you complete the Summer Challenge target? Complete 30 challenges to win 300 points!

KS3 Summer challenge.JPG
KS4 Summer challenge.JPG
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