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Email is the best way to contact any member of staff directly, though you can also leave a message with reception on 01621 782377. Please do remember most of our team are teachers and so we kindly request that you give them 48 hours to respond. If requests are urgent please do ring reception where we can ensure issues are dealt with expediently as needed.

To contact staff use their initial, then surname followed by @ormistonriversacademy.co.uk

So for instance if their name was Mr J Smith the email would be jsmith@ormistonriversacademy.co.uk

Senior Leadership Team:

Mrs E Baker, Principal

Mrs J Bennett, Vice-Principal
Mr P Healy, Vice-Principal
Miss S Carroll, Assistant Principal

Ms G Flack, Assistant Principal

Mr K Goodfellow, Assistant Principal & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs J Ingate, Assistant Principal
Mr G Patton, Assistant Principal
Mr M Wright, Assistant Principal

Mrs A Mahoney, Finance Director

Mrs J Damps, HR Manager/Principal's PA

Other Responsibilities:
Mr R Costello, SENCo
Ms Y Gosling, Assistant SENCo
Ms K Goodfellow, Assistant Principal & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss M Marable, Director of Well-being


Achievement Directors:

Mr R Swinnerton, Executive Achievement Director

Ms D Gibson, Year 7
Miss L Spencer, Year 8
Mr J Kirby, Year 9
Mr P Wiggs, Year 10
Mrs V Wells, Year 11
Miss D Sametz & Mrs M Wilkins, Co-Heads of Sixth Form

Art, Design & Technology

Mr K Rumary, Subject Leader / HoD
Mrs J Ingate
Mrs C Hyde

Mr A Sentence
Mr J Kirby

Mr R Costello


Mr T Freelander, Subject Leader / HoD
Mr G O’Toole, 2nd in Subject

Mrs C Conway

Miss R Ball

Mrs V Wells                                                 

Ms G Flack

Mr M Wright             

Mrs C Martinez

Ms A Dean

Miss L Tylor

Miss M Butler (SCITT Trainee)



Mr R Irven, Head of Humanities

Miss S Hayward     

Miss M McDonagh

Mr T Dube


Mrs T Cope

Mrs M Woodlock-Taylor

Miss E Hayward

Ms C Boughton


Miss M Marable

Miss J Blatch


Mrs K Coulson, Subject Leader / HoD
Mr R Swinnerton

Mr P Wiggs                                     

Ms A Poll

Miss S Steiger

Mrs C Gasson

Ms S Havard (Initial Teacher Training Lead)

Miss E Hayes

Mr P Healy

Mr T Smith (Lead Practitioner)


Mrs F Compton

Mrs B Johnson                               

Mrs J Bennett

Ms D Oboh (Lead Practitioner)

P.E. & Sport

Mr M Clay, Subject Leader / HoD

Mr C Becker                        

Miss D Sametz

Miss L Tate

Ms R Osborn

Performing Arts/Music

Mr N Cecil, Subject Leader / HoD

Miss S Carroll
Miss M Davies
Ms K Goodfellow
Mrs L Turnnidge
Miss C Thurtle

Mr N Cecil

Ms K Goodfellow


Mrs M Irven, Subject Leader / HoD

Mr G Patton                                     

Mr W Frost                                       

Mr T Rigler

Mrs C Hoare                                               

Ms M Neary

Mrs C Anderson

Mrs A Morgan

Miss L Spencer                              

Miss L Harris

Miss H Marks

Miss K Finch (SCITT Trainee)

Computer Science

Ms D Gibson, Subject Leader.

Social Sciences

Psychology Mrs K Congdon

Law Mr W Knight

Health & SocialCare Mrs S Cooke (Head of Applied Learning)  

I.C.T. Ms D Gibson, Subject Leader.

Business Studies Mr W Knight and Mrs C Rourke

Childcare Mrs S Cooke and Ms Tylor

Sociology Mr W Knight

Accountancy  Mrs C Rourke and Mrs T Ruston

Support Staff:

Mrs J Damps, Administration/HR Manager & Principal’s P.A
Mrs A Mahoney, Finance & Business Director
Mrs J Edwards, Admissions Officer & PA

Mrs J Staniforth, Attendance Officer and Trips & Visits

Mrs J Bristow, LRC (Library) Assistant

Mrs C Head, Sixth Form Administration

Mr M Crawford, Network Manager

Mrs S Brewster, Data Manager

Mrs L Clark, Exams Officer

Ms L Warner, Hospitality Manager

Student Support Team

Mrs D Byford, Student Support Advisor
Mrs T Sexton, Student Support Advisor
Mrs L Corbett, Student Support Advisor

Mrs C Reed, Student Reception

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