Charity Fundraising: Social Action

Get up Stand Up (write up by Jenna S​ in Year 10)

We are Get Up Stand Up and for the past 3 years we have been working as a team to raise money for various charities, either chosen by us or voted for by our school community. Recently we have been working on a project to raise money for World Cancer Day 2020. We decided to run a no homework week on the week of the 3rd of February as well as a non uniform day on the 4th of February which was world cancer day. To run the no homework week we began by having a meeting with our head teacher Mrs Baker, after giving us the go ahead we began planning how we would run the event, we decided to set up a register system in which mentors could record who was taking part in the event, students had to donate at least £1 to take part in the event and those who did not choose to donate would continue to do homework as usual, by Friday 31st of January we had all the students who were taking part recorded on an online system so that all teachers could access it and by Monday the 3rd of January we were ready for no homework week to commence. To advertise for the event we nominated 2 of our team to go into assemblies and talk to the students of our school about what we were doing and about the world cancer day 2020 campaign, progress is possible. We showed them the campaign video and spoke about the importance of this charity and what we can do to help and support the charity.

Dear parent/carer, (Red, White and Blue Day on Friday 4th October 2019)

At Ormiston Rivers Academy we believe it is important for our students to understand the role they play within their local community and to be aware of charities and non-profit organisations. With this, we will be holding our first charity event for armed services by celebrating Red, White and Blue Day on Friday 4th October. Last academic year, we asked students which causes they felt passionately about through Student Voice and the armed services was in the top five results across the school and sixth form.


What is Red, White & Blue Day?

Red, White & Blue Day is being run jointly by ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, The RAF Benevolent Fund and The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity. Each of these three charities is responsible for the welfare of soldiers, sailors and airmen and their families. You can find more information on their website at


How are we raising awareness and funds for Red White and Blue Day?

 Assemblies on the importance of the work of the armed services and how the charity helps personnel with guest speakers from our students who are cadets from Monday 30th September 2019

 Non-uniform day with themed colours of red, white and blue. We request a £1.00 donation per student on Friday 4th October 2019. Please note that short tops that show midriff, strappy tops, and ripped jeans are not permitted. Students may be asked to go home to change if their clothing does not conform to our requirements. We would like to bring your attention the Academy’s policy on hair colour and jewellery, this still applies on non-uniform day.

 Mentor time activity consolidating learning of British Values and the importance of supporting charitable work.

We appreciate your support with our charitable work and look forward to seeing our students in Red, White & Blue.


If you have any questions or queries please contact Melissa Marable Director of Wellbeing.

First Give Project Part 2

June 2019

At Ormiston Rivers Academy we believe that developing our students to be successful young adults who make a positive impact in the world is of great importance. We also believe that developing skills such as empathy, resilience, independence, teamwork and social skills are just as important as academic achievement. Therefore to foster this personal development of the young people we serve, all year 8 students took part in a social action project called First Give. This is the third year working with First Give, and it meant students worked in teams to create a presentation about a charity in their local community. The students then had to either raise funds or awareness for their charity and the social issue that it helps to support. The planning of the project took place in Philosophy, Citizenship & Ethics lessons, whilst speech writing took place in English lessons. 

The First Give project, sponsored by the #iwill campaign and the Big Lottery Fund, works with schools to encourage students to research social issues in their local communities and find charities which help to support people impacted by these issues. This year students worked with Dengie First Responders, Citizen's Advice Bureau, CHESS homelessness and The J's Hospice. All charities have an important part to play in our local community which the students found out through their research, face to face meetings with volunteers and fundraising. 

Ormiston Rivers students have been creative in their fundraising; three girls completed their school work in cardboard boxes in separate corners of the playground to raise awareness for homelessness, a school water fight against teachers for The J's Hospice, sponsored runs, bike rides, silence for the entire day and no technology were just a few ways to help support the work of the four charities. 

On Monday 10th June Ormiston Rivers and First Give held the school final where the students presented their work to their families, friends, teachers, charity workers and the judging panel. The winning team was Katie-Ann Busby, Anna Dunk and Bella Furia working on behalf of Citizen's Advice, the prize was £1,000 to be donated to their charity.

"This project has really helped me to understand that we can do something for our local community. We may hear some really bad stuff going on in the world so it is nice to know that we can do something about it."  G. Abela - Year 8 student

"Doing the First Give project has really helped me to speak to large groups of people. I never thought I would be able to stand on a stage and teach my mum about a hospice in front of hundreds of people but I did it!" Reggie Down - Year 8 student

"The students worked so hard to find solutions to problems in their local community. The dedication and thoughtfulness behind their work is exemplary. I couldn't be more proud to say that they are our students" Miss Marable, Head of Philosophy


First Give Project Part 1

May 2019

Next week we have several fundraising activities run by students as part of their First Give project.


Teachers please be warned that some may involve you getting wet or sprinting around the field!!!  Our students  have all been working really hard, thinking of fundraising ideas and arranging them. 


Monday – Mentor time, Daisy Sibley & Freya Edinburgh – Guess the sweets in the jar. Tuesday – Netball Courts, Macie – Cake sale. Erin & Lois – Throw the balloon at the teacher! Wednesday – Field, Jake – Penalty shoot out. Thursday – Netball Courts Codie & Gracie – Living in cardboard & sweets tombola. Field, Rex, Ben  & George – Sprint event


World Down Syndrome Day 

May 2019

Every year World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on March 21st.

This year, the global theme is “Leave No-one Behind”

Every single person with Down syndrome should have the same opportunities as everyone else, in EVERY area of life.

People with Down syndrome from all over the world will be coming together at the United Nations in Geneva and New York to talk about why they shouldn’t be left behind.

All over the world people will be wearing colourful socks (#LotsOfSocks) to raise awareness of World Down Syndrome Day. So will we!


Red, White & Blue Day

Friday 6th October 2019

The Academy will be holding it’s next non-uniform day on Friday 6th October in support of Red, White & Blue Day

Screenshot 2019-05-30 at 20.07.14.png

Non Uniform Day – Save The Children

Wednesday 19th December

The Academy will be holding a Non-Uniform day on the last day of term, Wednesday 19th December 2018. Students are asked to make a £1.00 donation to raise funds for Save the Children by wearing a Christmas Jumper. There will be other activities during the morning so extra cash would be very much appreciated. Students should wear comfortable clothing for a normal school day and remember to bring the correct equipment for learning, including PE kit if this is on their timetable. Flip flops, shorts, crop tops, ripped jeans & hats are not permitted.

The Academy will close at 1.30pm on this day with buses leaving at this time. All of the staff and students wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Young Carers Awareness Day

Friday 1st February

The Academy will be holding a non-uniform day on Friday 1st February in recognition of Young Carers Awareness Day. Students are encouraged to donate £1.00 to wear non-uniform for the day. Students should wear comfortable school clothing for a normal school day and remember to bring their PE kit if they have this on their timetable. Crop tops, shorts, ripped jeans, hats, flip-flops and onesies are not permitted. Additional change for other activities during break and lunch would be welcomed.

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Jeans for Genes

Friday September 22nd

On Friday September 22nd the Academy held a non-uniform day in support of the charity Jeans for Genes. We managed to raise £771.00 from non-uniform donations and £107.99 from a cake bake and colouring competition, bringing the total to £878.99. Thank you to everyone who supported the day.

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