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Our Careers lead is Mrs Compton. She is responsible for the delivery of the school's programme of careers advice and guidance. Mrs Compton ensures that we are meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks effectively. She an BA Hons degree from Durham University in European studies with German and French. Is a mum to two busy boys. When not at a dance competition or sea cadet event likes to read and spend time in the garden. 


Mrs Compton and her team are here to help you find areas that you may be interested in and, over time, starting to work out how you might get there. As you progress up through the school years we will help you to make the right choices so that the career options you want are open to you. But, of course, it's you that has to do the hard work with your learning in and out of the classroom.

You have access to a comprehensive careers programme as well as independent and impartial careers advice and guidance. We want to support and encourage you to make informed choices about your future and be well prepared for your next steps.

Our careers programme is designed to support you at key transition points and allows you to explore, discover and access the opportunities that are out there. 

Careers Lead: Mrs F Compton

SLT Link: Mrs J Bennett, Vice Principal

Independent and Impartial Careers Adviser: Ms Louise Brazier

Impact of our Careers Program

98% of all our students stay in education or enter employment after Key Stage 4. This is significantly above both Local Authority and National Average. 100% of our disadvantaged students stay in education or enter employment again, outperforming National Averages.

Careers Program

Ormiston Rivers Academy Provider Access Information, Advice and Guidance Statement

This complies with our legal obligations under Section 42B of the Education Act 1997 (known as the Baker Clause).

Student entitlement Students in years 8-13 are entitled:

  • To find out about technical education qualifications and apprenticeships opportunities, as part of a careers programme which provides information on the full range of education and training options available at each transition point.

  • To hear from a range of local providers about the opportunities they offer, including technical education and apprenticeships – through options evenings, assemblies, group discussions and the careers fair.

  • To understand how to make applications for the full range of academic and technical courses through the mentor programme, workshops and seminars and via our independent careers adviser.

The Careers Department plays a full and active part at Ormiston Rivers Academy; its aim is to prepare students for work by:

  • contributing to raising their achievements and motivation

  • raising their awareness of their current and future life choices

  • enhancing their skills in coping with future transitions

  • enabling their access to Higher Education

  • developing skills and talents for employment

We have a well stocked Careers Library, situated in the careers office opposite the main library, which is available to all students.  The Careers Library includes specialist careers’ software and a wide-range of paper based resources. The Sixth Form Common Room gives students access to higher education prospectuses.  Students may also drop in on Wednesday lunchtimes to speak to our visiting objective Careers Advisor, Mrs L Brazier, for impartial advice and guidance or speak to the school’s Careers Co-ordinator.  They may also request a longer appointment for a one-to-one interview if necessary.  Parents are always welcome to attend such interviews should they wish to do so; priority is given to students at transitional times in their education, such as those in Years 11 and 13. 


  • Year 7 is all about developing self-awareness and understanding you strengths – these sessions are delivered through our PSHE programme


  • Preparation for Option Choices during mentor time and assemblies including how to research careers and identify skills and qualities needed for different jobs

  • Options Evening provides subject specific information, advice and guidance

  • Access to one to one careers guidance with independent and impartial Careers Adviser

  • Access to careers drop-in sessions during break and lunchtimes


  • Access to one to one careers guidance with independent and impartial Careers Adviser

  • Access to careers drop-in sessions during break and lunchtimes

  • All students have the opportunity to attend workshops aimed at specific careers e.g medicine



  • One to one careers guidance available with independent and impartial Careers Adviser

  • Careers workshop on post 16 options and qualification levels.

  • Enterprise activities e.g. Coca Cola Real Business Challenge

  • Access to careers drop-in sessions during break and lunchtimes


  • One to one careers guidance available with independent and impartial Careers Adviser

  • Rivers Sixth Form Open Evening

  • Guidance available with Rivers Sixth Form staff and members of the Senior Leadership Team.

  • Apprenticeship Assembly

  • Higher education assembly

  • Further education information

  • IAG sessions as part of the transition into Rivers 6th Form

  • Access to careers drop-in sessions during break and lunchtimes

  • Support available GCSE results day



  • Employability for Life programme

  • One to one guidance available with our independent Careers Adviser

  • Guidance available with Rivers Sixth Form staff and members of the Senior Leadership Team.

  • Work experience and work shadowing opportunities

  • UCAS preparation and personal statement application support

  • Higher education evening – preparation for going to university including finance

  • Higher education visits e.g. university tours

  • Attendance at the National Shows/Conferences 

  • Interview skills,CV Writing and Job hunting workshop

  • Access to mock interviews with employers

  • Opportunity to take part in the NCS programme, RYLA and  Camps International


All students

All students are invited to attend our careers fair to find out more from a range of local providers about the opportunities they offer, including technical education and apprenticeships. 


Our series of career specific workshops runs throughout the year. Elite scholars are encouraged to attend but events are open to any student from year 9 with an interest in this area. 

Our enthusiastic, talented students have the ability to be successful in many different careers.  Young people’s ideas develop as they grow and it is essential to support and guide students in the regular reviewing of their interests, priorities and potential.  The importance of work shadowing and/or work experience throughout a young person’s school and university career cannot be underestimated, especially in the current economic climate and the academy is keen to facilitate this wherever possible.


At Ormiston Rivers we believe it is important to regularly review the careers programme and the information, advice and guidance that we offer our students. A formal review of the programme is undertaken at the end of the academic year by the careers team which takes into account the views of students, parents and other stakeholders. These views are sought throughout the year as events take place and are evaluated.

More Useful Research and Information for you and your Parents and Carers

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) at Ormiston Rivers Academy

Careers plays a role in all our STEM subjects and our teachers regularly highlight the importance and relevance of STEM subjects for a wide range of future career paths.


Careers advice and guidance at Ormiston Rivers Academy

All our students have access to one to one careers guidance with our independent and impartial Careers Adviser, Louise Brazier, from Directions IAG Ltd. Louise visits the academy regularly and offers careers guidance appointments, group sessions, drop ins and attends appropriate parent consultation evenings.

Parents and carers are welcome to attend careers appointments with their sons/daughters and after school appointments are available. If you wish to arrange an appointment, please contact Louise on the email address below. 


Quality in Careers Standards (QICS) at Ormiston Rivers Academy

We were delighted to be re-accredited with the Quality in Careers Standards in November 2017.

This award is the national quality award for careers education, information, advice and guidance in schools and academies. It is fully aligned and complies with the Department for Education’s statutory guidance and the Gatsby Benchmarks for ‘Good Careers Guidance’.


Employer Engagement at Ormiston Rivers Academy

We value our existing partnerships with local and national employers/organisations, but we are always eager to establish new links. If you would like to liaise with us, please contact Mr Knight on the email address below.


Useful information

Provider Access Policy Statement – This can be found in the policy section of the Academy’s website.

If any providers wish to present to our student body, please contact Mr W Knight on the email address below.


Useful Websites

Careers Research – Lots of careers information. Go to Job Profiles section to research career ideas. – Careers explained including real life career journeys to help with choices. Also includes other useful career and progression ideas. – Lots of useful careers and research information. Look under Tools and Resources, then Job information for information on career families, specific jobs and careers linked to subjects. – Start allows you to create a personal profile which generates suitable jobs, qualifications and new destinations to explore. A useful website if you don’t have any career ideas. You will have to register to use this site.


Higher Education – UCAS – Holds all Higher Education course information.  You can research courses and entry requirements. – The Russell Group represents Britain’s leading universities – this website gives some useful information on post 16 subject choices – look under students and then click on school and college in the UK. – helps with A level choices. – the university and college open day directory. –looks at career and study options.


Apprenticeships and These are the national sites for apprenticeships and they include current information on apprenticeships and vacancies.


Labour Market Information (LMI)

The following websites are a useful source of LMI, both national and local. – Information on current and future skills trends across Essex. – LMI for All brings together existing national sources of high quality labour market information (LMI) that can inform choices about future careers. – The Careers Cloud test allows students to explore the very latest labour market information related to the jobs that they match with. – Produced by UKCES in 2014 to inspire young people about the wide range of jobs that are out there.

Our programmes also recognise the Department for Education’s statutory guidance and the Gatsby Benchmarks for ‘Good Careers Guidance’

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