Behaving Brilliantly

“Clear and effective behaviour and attendance policies with clearly defined consequences that are applied consistently and fairly by all staff.”

Our school places learning at the heart of all we do. We have many layers of support for our students to ensure they 'get it right' in classrooms and within our school. This starts every morning with our Mentors who will ensure school policies regarding uniform, equipment and expectations are followed. They are the first point of contact along with our student support team should there by any issues. We also have our team of Achievement Directors who head up our Year groups and have an overview of progress and of our students journey with us. Our final layer is our Senior Leadership Team, one of our Assistant Principals also support our ADs should there be any escalating or entrenched issues. Our Achievement Directors can be contacted here. 

Below is a brief overview of our sanction system, it is designed to give our students directed warnings and choices to change their behaviours at every turn. However, we do not tolerate any disruption in our classrooms and if the wrong choices our made by students despite staff warnings our Behaviour for Learning stepped sanctions will be followed clearly and consistently.


A clarification of low level disruption is below:

 Low-level disruption

  •  Calling out without permission

  •  Being late to lessons or slow to start work or follow instructions

  •  Showing a lack of respect for each other and staff

  •  Not bringing the right equipment

  •  Chatting when they are supposed to be working or listening to the teacher

  •  Using mobile devices inappropriately in lessons

  •  Wasting time, through teachers having to deal with inappropriate uniform

  •  Packing up well before the end of the lesson

Please visit our policies page for a detailed breakdown of our policies on 


Mobile phone use



Miss Goodfellow is our Assistant Principal with ultimate responsibility for behaviour for learning and is contactable here

Rewarding excellent effort and attitude


Our Stepped Consequences

Recognition of brilliance!

This year (2019) we have created a brand new Rewards system for our students. It is designed to recognise excellent effort and behaviours include a community spirit, kindness and communication skills.

Saying Thank You

Kindness and gratitude are cherished by our school community. We operate a termly opportunity for staff and students to say Thank You. This is done through assembly and mentor times where each student is given 3 postcards each. We often keep the dates secret from our staff so they get a lovely surprise when a student gives them a postcard with a special message.

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