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The Internet is a wonderful resource and we encourage our students to use it as a valuable learning tool. To help them remain safe online we have provided guidance in the form of simple rules to follow and links to useful sites that offer help and support.

There is a lot of advice and guidance available to help parents keep their children safe:

Parent Factsheet SID16
Supporting Young People Online

On Tuesday 28th February, e-safety consultant, Alan McKenzie led an e-safety presentation based on the risks associated with what technology youngsters are using. It covered two main themes: children exposed to risk, and children exposing themselves to risk, along with the latest research, advice and guidance.

Parent eSafety Meeting 28th February – Content Covered with Useful Sites.


If you, or someone you know, needs to report an online child safety issue then the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) offers a simple way to do so. Click HERE to make a report.

CEOP also offer advice and guidance on a number of issues relating to e-safety:

CEOP Parents Advice 1
CEOP Parents Advice 2
CEOP Parents Advice 3
CEOP Parents Advice 4

eSafety Newsletters

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Additional Resources

The following sites all offer support and advice on eSafety and digital life:

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