Approach to the teaching of reading
The teaching staff at ORA believe that reading should be high profile. Reading is the key to learning. The consistent improvement of a student’s results can be clearly linked to their ability to read well. The staff at ORA actively encourage reading for enjoyment as a route towards to stronger reading skills.

Reading schemes
We have been running the ‘Accelerated Reader’ programme for our JKS3 students. This programme encourages students to engage with reading for pleasure, and therefore increase their literacy, through competitions, rewards and a clear way for students to chart their own progress. The programme also allows staff to track the progress being made by each child with clear literacy targets available for every individual. There are particular schemes targeted towards our Pupil Premium students and those where a greater literacy gap is apparent.

We are still in the process of restocking our library. We now have a much wider range of literature than ever before! There are now many computers and laptops available for student use. Our Eclipse programme helps students use the library effectively by allowing them to monitor their reservations and search for particular texts at the click of a button. The LRC is a great workspace for class activities, homework and research as well as a nice place for our students to spend their break or lunch time. The LRC is also used by KS3 mentor groups during mentor time to help familiarise the students with the LRC and allow extra time to read and enjoy the atmosphere of the library.

Our key aim is to encourage students to read outside of the classroom. ORA frequently hosts book fairs and runs competitions, for individuals and for mentor groups, which focus on literacy. We have enjoyed a visit from Echo Freer, a published author of young adult fiction. Some of our students were able to take part in an intensive creative writing workshop with her. The English department runs reading and creative writing clubs on a Monday lunchtime and are arranging several theatre trips linked to literary greats, including Shakespeare, Priestley and Morpurgo.

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