Year 7 Catch Up Fund

The Year 7 Catch Up Fund provides schools and academies with additional funding to support each Year 7 student who did not achieve a level 4 in English and/or Maths at the end of key stage 2.

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At Ormiston Rivers Academy we focus on every student’s achievement and well-being, much like a close family. We want the best for our youngsters and will seek new and diverse ways of achieving this for each individual child; this may include some of the strategies that we have been able to put in place with the additional funding the Year 7 Catch Up Fund provides.

Underachievement in reading and spelling is tackled with a range of initiatives including:

  • Paired reading – weekly reading sessions during morning mentor time with a volunteer / sixth form student. Each students has a reading log to track their progress as well as a book bag. This improves student confidence, reading ability and inference skills.
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar work books and study guides have been provided to encourage independent learning at home. With the answers included, parents can also play a part in supporting their child’s learning at home. Students are also encouraged to use the revision guides in lesson time.
  • Accelerated Reader was introduced at the Academy in 2014 as part of the opening of the new Learning Resource Centre. The programme is used actively to encourage a greater love of reading by using the quizzes and progression strategies, directing students to suggested reading relevant to their reading ages.
  • Re-stock of targeted reading level books, in collaboration with the Accelerated Reader programme to ensure that students can progress through the levels and raise their aspiration and achievement.

Academy strategies have also been implemented to improve levels in Maths :

  • Times tables kits – Year 7 students are set a weekly mental maths challenge focused on times tables. This is proven to improve speed and accuracy in different times tables questions.
  • KS3 Maths works books and study guides have been provided to students to encourage independent learning at home with parental support, whilst the revision guides are also used in lesson time.
  • Maths Catch up after school club where students are encouraged to attend to go over the skills/gaps in knowledge from Primary School.
  • Ipads for use in the Learning Resource Centre during intervention sessions and are available to targeted students to encourage independent learning with access to various maths games and apps.

Tutors are also retained by the Academy to work with small intervention groups of 3 to 4 students. They will complete a six week programme focusing on specific areas identified by the teacher. These sessions run on a rotation basis, allowing different groups to benefit on a six weekly cycle. Progress is tracked using Go4schools data and teacher feedback.

The tables below show the number of students eligible for the funding in 2015/16 and the progress made in English & Maths.

Total funding received £16,500

Number of students (English) % making at least expected progress % achieving better than expected progress Average sub levels of progress
15 87% 47% 1.51
Number of students (Maths) % making at least expected progress % achieving better than expected progress Average sub levels of progress
23 87% 78% 1.48

Current Year 2015-2016

Expenditure Cost Intended Outcomes
Small Intervention Groups with qualified teachers for both English & Maths £10,480 To raise standards to meet chronological expectations and to increase confidence in subjects
Resources including: books, book bags, reading logs, work books and study guides for Spelling, punctuation and grammar and Maths £1,980 To encourage study at home and improve reading, spelling, punctuation & grammar and maths, whilst encouraging parental support and
IT equipment £1,500 To encourage reading, comprehension and mental maths with the use of IT
Reading books suitable for teenagers that are currently lower ability than their chronological age £2,540