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The titles at the left-hand side of the web page will direct you to information and documents relating to different aspects of the Academy. We hope you find this useful and informative. Should you have any queries or questions or would like to give us some feedback please e-mail info@ormistonriversacademy.co.uk

At Ormiston Rivers Academy we are keen to encourage all of our students to read on a regular basis to enhance their literacy skills. We have a fantastic library and run paired reading with our Year 7 students every morning between 8.50 and 9.05am. If you would like to volunteer to come in and read with our students please contact Jackie Edwards on 01621 787844 or via e-mail jedwards@ormistonriversacademy.co.uk

Attendance & Requests for Absence

Ormiston Rivers Academy recognises the importance of attendance in enabling students to achieve their maximum educational potential and to have optimum life chances and enter adulthood successfully. An effective system of communication with students and parents/carers supports good attendance and punctuality; an appropriate system of rewards and incentives recognises the effort students make in achieving this. Ormiston Rivers Academy is committed to working in partnership with families and other agencies in order to achieve the best outcomes for its students.

If your child is going to be absent, you must advise the Academy on each day of absence by calling the attendance line on: 01621 787855, the ConnectED absence line on: 0845 355 8104, or by using the MyEd Messaging App.

Everyone should aim for 100% attendance. As an ideal, a minimum of 95% should be your attendance goal.
Statistics show that poor attendance affects academic achievement.

90% = 3 weeks and 4 days of learning missed
85% = 5 weeks and 3 days of learning missed
80% = 7 weeks and 3 days of learning missed
(These statistics apply to a full academic year)

Parents and carers are asked to explain absences from the Academy by ringing the attendance line. The Academy will decide whether the absence is acceptable and authorised.

Your child can only receive authorised absence if:

  • He/she is too unwell to attend school – medical evidence may be required in certain circumstances.
  • It is a special day for religious observance.
  • If a student needs urgent medical or dental treatment; you must provide evidence of an appointment card. Please try to arrange check-up appointments after school hours or during holiday periods.

As a general rule, no holiday requests will be authorised during term-time. However, the governing body may consider requests in exceptional circumstances.

On return to the Academy, students are expected to complete work missed during any absence.

Emergency Closure

In the event of emergency closure due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances, a notification will be placed on the Academy website by 7.00 a.m. on the day of closure.

If no notification is given, the Academy will be open as usual.

In the event of emergency closure during the course of the school day due to unforeseen circumstances, parents/carers will be notified by text message and arrangements will be made for students to leave the premises.

All students will be kept on the school site until arrangements have been made for their safe collection or transport home.